Stevenage Engineering
Services Ltd                      Established since 1985


Precision Engineers

CNC Milling and Turning

4 Bowman Trading Estate,
Bessemer Drive,
SG1 2DL.
( Tel: 01438 727360
2    Fax: 01438 369012


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Stevenage Engineering Services Ltd has set out to achieve the highest Standards in component manufacture, with a fast turnaround demanded by today's              ever changing Industry.


Manufacturing components for the, Electronics, Medical, Food and a number of other industries, we have a wealth of knowledge in modern materials and machining processes to meet with your requirements.



Having started in a modern Industrial unit we have in 2012 expanded to a larger Building situated centrally in Stevenage's main Industrial area. This move will allow our company to invest further in plant and increase our workforce.


Assuring you of our high standards and constant improvements.


Mr. Dean Cavalier


Managing Director