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CNC Turning & Milling.

The main core of our business is small to large batch CNC machined components.


Whether its 1000's or 10's off we can meet with your requirements.

Prototype to Production

Throughout the years we have worked closely with customers as they develop their products for the market place.

The knowledge aquired during the prototype stage is invaluable when it comes to batch work. A one stop prototype to production service minimizes tooling costs and gets your product to the your customer base as fast as possible.

One off's

 Expensive traditionally, to keep costs to a minimum our controls are conversational and fast to set and run. With their powerful maths engines radius and intersection points are quickly worked out.

Additional Processes

 If other processes are needed on your product i.e plating, grinding etc. We can organise these service's having established relationships with associated companys, giving you a drawing to delivery service.